Our company provides full range of the forwarders services to both the large transportation companies of long standing relations and the one-time customer who comes in need of our experience and assistance. Prime Marine arranges and coordinates transportation of the cargo by sea, railway, auto transport in any combination and fulfill such important function as;

  • Accepting and registration of cargo and containers;
  • Custom clearance;
  • Stowage;
  • Deliver to the consignment.

Status of the goods is closely monitored throughout its handling and routing by our high experienced specialists. We assure full range for conventional or special goods in the main ports of Georgia. We will offer you the most expedient schemes of cargo delivery, both money and time saving. Specialists of our company are in a position to prepare and issue bill of lading and all required documents for your cargo, obtain its official certification by respective authorities, as well as ensure that the gods are efficiently protected, with due legal paperwork to cover the cargo interests in case of damage, short delivery or other risks. Our practical experience includes transportation of:

  • Metal & Scrap metal;
  • Dangerous cargoes (explosive, chemical and others);
  • Liquid and oil cargoes.

Level of service offered by our company is carried out by high qualified specialists and by using modern technologies we have opportunities to receive operative information about movement of cargo on any stage of its delivery.

Thanks to newest technology our company offers you:

  • Combination of the different kinds of transport;
  • Combination of the transshipment terminals.


Prime Marine creates the agent network not only in Batumi Port, but in Poti and Kulevi, what allows to use transportation by the different kinds of transport and incentive rates for transportation!

Prime Marine co-ordinates with railways - participants of transportation - technologies of transportation and railway forwarding. Upon the clients request setting with railways as per railway tariff and control for the movements of the cargo can be done.

Status of the goods is closely monitored throughout its handling and routing by our high experienced specialists!


Prime Marine has been working with cargo fertilizer (local industry production) since 2005. Cargo fertilizer is exported from Batumi port to different destinations and parts of world.